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First, a warning. You will be downloading in-progress code which may contain major bugs. If you pay attention to the devloper mailing list, you might have a better general idea of the code stability. If you are still interested, you must perform the two steps below: download and compile.


Building SoleSeek is a two-step process. First, you must download (or update) a local copy of the source code from the SourceForge's CVS source control system. Second, you need to compile and run the system. While this process is not too terribly difficult to an experienced computer user, it is not very straightforward to a novice. If you are unable to download or compile the code, we unfortunately do not have the resources to help you. A good reference book or website for CVS or ProjectBuilder is always handy. Do a quick Google search if you need to locate one.

CVS Download

This requires a command line shell. Open the Terminal app in "Applications/Utilities."

To check out a fresh copy, first ensure that a SoleSeek directory does not already exist in your home directory. If so, delete it. Next you will need to anonymously log into the SourceForge CVS server using the command:
cvs login
CVS will ask you for a password. Just hit return to enter the required blank password. Finally, check out the code using:
cvs -z3 co SoleSeek

If you already have a local copy, you can update the code by first changing into the directory with:
cd SoleSeek
Then, grab the latest code with:
cvs update


The files will now be downloaded. Open a Finder window and locate the directory. Double-click on the file SoleSeek.pbproj. This will open the project in ProjectBuilder. To build, click on the hammer icon. Once you have built the project, you can find the SoleSeek application in the subfolder "build," located in the same directory as SoleSeek.pbproj.

It is STRONGLY recommended that you open the System Console application before launching SoleSeek. See the FAQ for how to do this.
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